Smart Solutions For Distributed Networks

We provide enterprise customers with the security, automation and resilience necessary to operate efficiently, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

IT and communications infrastructure is fundamental to every organization. With the explosion of the IoT, the need for smarter real-time decision-making, deeper data analysis, more robust data storage, always-on connectivity and network resilience becomes even more critical. Enter Opengear with next generation intelligent solutions for managing critical infrastructure and increasing network resilience.

Opengear provides the automation, network resilience and security necessary to efficiently manage and protect critical IT, communications, network and power infrastructure and ensure business continuity, globally.

Our data center and remote site solutions enable technical staff to provision, maintain and repair infrastructure from anywhere at any time, drastically reducing operational costs and downtime. We have raised infrastructure management to a new level with our Smart OOBâ„¢ solutions, equipping our customers with smart automation and bulletproof resilience.

We integrate true out-of-band management, always-available wired and wireless secure remote access, proactive monitoring, automated response and Failover to Cellularâ„¢ for uninterrupted remote site connectivity, even when the network is down.

Founded in 2004, Opengear is headquartered in New Jersey, with a manufacturing facility in Utah, R&D operations in Australia and sales offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.